In a few sentences about Lovranski Pub... in 70s here was placed the archive of Rijeka bank, then Liburnija pastry shop for a while, and then the market. From 1998. until 2000. the reconstruction of space had lasted. The interior has been designed by Dario Ottaviani, technical part was done by Sanjin Pavinčić and Lovranski Pub was open on 23.12.2000. And here we are still today under the same leadership for 18 years. With lots of valuable, good and loyal people, progress was unavoidable. During the first Years of the pub, it was a favorite place for gathering young people, a place for a good night out... We hosted many bends on weekends, there was jazz, rock, pop and interesting parties.

Along with the nightlife, ten years ago we opened a kitchen with delicious pizzas and sandwiches. After a year or two we put a little meat and pasta on the menu. In parallel with the law on non-smoking in restaurants, we decided to turn more to food... except pizzas, pasta and meat we expended our menu on seasonal and homemade cuisine. But that doesn't mean that we will not treat you with a music and parties by winter. Also, you can always just come for a cup of good coffee or treat yourself with one of 60 kinds of beer.

Bon appetite and enjoy the pub!

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